Liliana Conlisk Gallegos, Ph.D.

“Uncivil disruptor who doesn’t know her place”

As an Optimus Prime Trauma Transformer con lengua de machete, I cannot help but experiment with EVERYTHING including art, extended realities, and all forms of media.

With the goal of advancing the certain decolonial turn, my live, interactive media art production and rasquache performances generate culturally specific, collective, technocultural creative spaces of production that reconnect Xicana/o/x Mestiza Indigenous wisdom and conocimiento to our ongoing technological and scientific contributions, still currently “overlooked” through the logic of the decaying Eurocentric white supremacist project of modernity.

As a transfronteriza (perpetual border crosser), the current limited perceptions of what research, media, and technology can be and do serve me as a yonke (junkyard), from which pieces are upcycled and repurposed to amplify individual and collective expression, community healing, and social justice.

I am a performer of research, a translator that collects, isolates, and exposes supremacist formats while finding ways to design hubs that compile analogue and digital collections of designs, expressions, and realities a nuestro modo.

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